superseal campbell shed products vermin sealWe have added a few more profiles to the website from the Campbells Shed Products Superseal range to help keep vermin, mice, rats and snakes out of the shed.

Those added are Fielders LoClad, Apex Apanel and APclad as well as QSteel Adek.

These have been added to the already superb range of Retroseal Superseal vermin proofing profiles. Retroseal Superseal is designed to be fitted to your shed after the wall sheeting has been done. If you have an existing shed, are renovating a shed or didn’t install Vermaseal at the construction stage of you new shed then this is the product for you.

Superseal is available to suit the following wall cladding profiles

  • Stramit K panel & Monoclad
  • Lysaght Trimwall, Trimdek and Multiclad.
  • Total Span.
  • Titan VDek & QDek.
  • Metrol Trimcled and Metroclad.
  • Fielders TL5 and LoClad.
  • Steeline Steelclad.
  • Apex Apanel and APClad.
  • Qsteel ADek.

Remember, if you have custom orb corrugated walls you can use Retroseal Domestic for Corro to seal the gaps left by the profiles.

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