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The ShedSafe Accreditation Program continues to grow strongly

The ShedSafe Accreditation program is actively growing and engaging more and more Steel Shed manufacturers, resellers and dealers on a weekly basis. The recently re-branded Shed Boss (previously Garage World) being a recent company to embrace the ShedSafe program. The … Continue reading

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How to join an Annexe Roof onto the side of you Shed

Join two buildings and get a waterproof seal. There are several ways to do this and until now the most common method to gain the weatherproof seal was to use an apron flashing like this. Construct new roof adjacent to … Continue reading

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When is a shed a garage and a garage a shed?

The Macquarie Dictionary says that a garage is as follows…. GARAGE = 1. a building for sheltering a motor vehicle or vehicles. 2. an establishment where motor vehicles are repaired, fuel is sold, etc. 3. a type of dance music with vocals, evolving … Continue reading

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Need to seal your Ridge Cap against Embers or Vermin

Ridgeseal is a great product for sealing your shed or house’s ridge cap against ember attack, vermin, wind and rain. Ridgeseal Shadowline is a great addition to the ridge seal family. Shadowline is great to use when you have a … Continue reading

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