typical barn or skillion addition apron flashing

Typical apron flashing a skillion roof to a side wall

Join two buildings and get a waterproof seal. There are several ways to do this and until now the most common method to gain the weatherproof seal was to use an apron flashing like this.

  1. Construct new roof adjacent to existing building.
  2. Cut your existing wall sheeting at the appropriate point.
  3. add additional battens intenally to connect wall sheets and an apron flashing too.
  4. insert apron flashing and begin cutting out the individual roof sheet profiles.
  5. Fasten top of apron flashing and refasten wall sheeting along top of apron.
  6. Fasten apron flashing down onto new roof.
  7. Refasten to new batten the wall sheets under the new roof back to existing shed.
  8. make sure to clean up mess from grinder cutting so it doesnt rust the sheeting.

Now you can save time, mess and materials by using Skillion Seal from Campbell Shed Products.

skillion apron flashing seal

Skillion Seal - The Apron flashing alternative

The process using Skillion Seal to form a water proof seal

  1. Construct new roof adjacent to the existing building.
  2. Apply pre cut Skillion Seal (Part A) flashings to new roof.
  3. Apply pre cut Skillion seal (Part B) flashings to wall.
  4. Apply bead of silicon to top of flashing B
  5. Clean up, Wash off swarf from fastners.

Skillion Seals unique profiles and pre cut material allows you to complete the job with less materials in less time and without having to cut into the existing building with grinders or other saws. Standard Apron flashings and cutting steel sheets with angle grinders is not a good thing and can cause rust. Skillion Seal does not require a grinder. and it’s easy to use!

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