is it a shedsafe accredited shed safe shedsThe ShedSafe Accreditation program is actively growing and engaging more and more Steel Shed manufacturers, resellers and dealers on a weekly basis. The recently re-branded Shed Boss (previously Garage World) being a recent company to embrace the ShedSafe program.

The ShedSafe website has recently been overhauled to help consumers with their next shed purchase with explanations on the information that they should be receiving on their shed quotes, so that they know that the shed they are being offered is suitable for their site and their intended use for that shed.

ShedSafe being a two part accreditation means that dealers need to do their bit. Just because a manufacturer has had their buildings engineering design concepts accredited does not mean a dealer is ShedSafe. They also need to prove that they know how to specify the right shed for the site and intended purpose. 

One important message that ShedSafe is promoting is the need for Shed Quotes to have a certain minimum amount of detail on them that helps not only the potential purchaser make an informed decision but also help certifiers and licensed builders see if a shed is suitable for its intended site is the minimum inclusion of the following details.

  • Wind region
  • Importance level
  • Terrain category
  • Topography factor
  • Shielding factor
  • Site Wind Speed

shedsafe logo copyright If you are dealing with a ShedSafe accredited dealer then these will be detailed on your quote. If they do not appear on your shed quote… then ask why? Perhaps the building that’s on offer is not ShedSafe.

Some dealers will try to offer up quotes with inadequate details on them or provide quotes produced with older, outdated software, using methods no longer recognised as meeting industry standards.  This lack of information can leave you wondering why one shed is cheaper than another or what is it that you are actually buying and will it pass with building authorities?

ASI’s ShedSafe team are also continuing to engage regularly with councils and certifiers across the country regarding the specification and certifying of sheds in their local areas.

We think ShedSafe is the way to go. Check out the dealers credentials and look for their membership as well as their manufacturer meeting accreditation.