Champion Stable panels

It is not easy to run a horse boarding facility efficiently without adequate provisions for the horse’s comfort. There are a number of challenges such as managing the stall bedding, handling the horses well, and employee guidance that all experienced equine facilities need to take into account. Many riders seeking to find accommodation for their horses want to ensure that they get the best care for what they spend.

In Australia, for instance, the current driving force behind high-quality horse boarding facilities are the manufacture of stable panel systems which incorporate modern trends in technological innovations. In order to ensure that both the ride and the rider get a safe and comfortable environment in which to stay, there are reputable companies that design and manufacture a broad range of fairly priced, well-crafted and durable stable systems.

Since the Australian equine ecosystem is characterised by harsh and hostile environmental conditions, companies like ShedBlog specialise in the design and supply of Aussie compliant stable panels and other products. The panels can be quoted online, and they are assembled according to your plans or drawings and delivered to your site. You can either install them yourself or you can have them installed by the team from Champion Stables.

To guarantee customer satisfaction, ShedBlog has introduced new stable panels to the website to complement their existing systems. The new additions include:

Front Wall: Full Swing Doors

stable full swing door front wall

The full swing doors for the stable’s front walls are designed to last and withstand all severe weather conditions. Produced in Australia by specialists who are highly skilled, they are manufactured with infill paneling of hardwood, stableboard or a form-ply. Both types can be tailored to your specifications and budget, and all of the panels are fully galvanised and hot dipped.

To facilitate easier installation, each full swing door has completely adjustable hinges on which they are pre-hang on a frame. They come with footplates welded to their bases so that you can use ground pegs to fasten them on soil or Dynabolts for hooking them to a concrete floor. All partitions are pre-assembled for quick and easy installation.

Front Wall’s Stable Split Swing Doors

stable split swing doors front wall

They are almost similar to the full swing door, but they are designed with a top door opening so that the horse can stick out its head or enable easy entry of materials without having to open the whole door. If you have limited space but your stable outfit is in a breezeway, the split swing doors will suit you well. If you desire a well-built, high-quality stable design solution for champions, here is your product of choice. All aspects of the door are Australian made from hot dipped galvanised steel RHS.

Hardwood or Full Ply Side Walls

side wall full in fill

Manufactured with RHS or structural steel tubes that are fully hot dipped, the full ply, stableboard or hardwood is made to give your horse a peaceful and stress-free environment. The panels, some of which are Half-bar or Half in-fill panels can be fashioned into several accessories such as stallion box, feed room, wash bay or tack room. For quick installation, they also come with footplates welded to the bases of the frames.

Stable Accessories

Obviously, you would want your stable to look sleek and beautiful. To help you reduce the drab and plain stable appearance, Champion Stable Systems provide a variety of high-quality accessories for tidying up and decorating your facility that include:

  • Rug rails
  • Tie up rings
  • Rotating feeders
  • Haystacks
  • Stainless steel water troughs
  • Wash bay boom hoses
  • Horse drinkers
  • Poly water troughs and
  • Poly feed bins.

All these accessories will not only make your work in the stable simple and convenient, but they will also enhance the look of your stable yard.