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Day Yard Doors – Powder Coated

champion stables day yard doors

Since ease of use is a priority, Champion Stable Systems‘ doors have been designed with its users in mind. Each stable door is pre-hung with steel panels and powder coated and constructed for years of maintenance free use. They give a great, clean look to any stable structure, and blend in with any building.paypal horizontal_solution_PP_sml

A split-door design allows the owner to open the door halfway to give the horse some fresh outside air. The Day Yard Door offers the same thing along with other options for the owner.

Sliding Stable Shutters

champion stables sliding shutters

Designed to be robust and strong, Champion Stable Systems Sliding and Swinging Stable Shutters Shutters are made for structures with concrete tilt panel walls. They are constructed with 35mm x 35mm structural steel tube (RHS or CHS) internal frame and covered by a 1.6mm Zincalume sheet.

champion stables sliding shutters diagram

The Champion Stable Systems’ sliding shutter is high quality and durable that come with steel skin and come in a range of colours that will match well with any structure. They are produced in set sizes but can be custom designed to suit your purpose.

Horse Tie-Up Rails

champion stables tie up rails

You need an area that is safe a vet, farrier and other staff to work with your horses, therefore all Champion Stable Systems’ tie-up rails are custom designed and built with your needs in mind. They are very durable and made of high-quality materials. Using structural steel tube (RHS or CHS) frames, each tie-up rail comes with tie-up rings and rubber linings.

champion stables tie up rails diagram

Champion Stable Systems’ tie-up rails can be mounted in any position you want, whether it is a thoroughbred or a pony. The tie-up rails can be bolted to a concrete floor or cast into it.

Wash Bays for Horses

champion stables horse wash bay

Since you need a good environment to safely wash your horses, Champion Stable Systems has developed customisable stable designs. The horse wash stalls are specifically designed for safety so that maintaining and caring for your horses is easy and stress-free. Our horse washing bays can be fitted out for any sort of stable, external or internal.

Horse wash stalls can include but are not limited to:

  • Wall cladding
  • Rubber lining (walls and floor)
  • Tie-up wash bay boom hoses
  • Hot water systems

champion stables horse wash bay diagram

It’s also fitted with an overhead boom and hose system that makes it easier to wash your horse. This innovative hose system is made from a powder coated tubular steel frame that is designed to swing out over the wash area. This makes it much easier to manage than a normal water hose system. The floor is made of anti-slip rubber, installed in sheets and super heated so that the sheets join as one, and fitted with skirting rubber around the walls.

Stable Accessories & Equipment

champion stables accessories

Champion Stables won’t leave your stable looking plain and drab. We offer a wide range of Champion Stables high-quality accessories to decorate and tidy up your existing stable. Whether you are looking to tidy up, freshen up, or fix up your existing stable, barn or stable complex, these accessories are manufactured in Victoria and offer a finish that will make your stables look apart from the rest.

  • Rotating feeders: made from HDG/Poly with a height of 32L.
  • Rug rails: At 1200mm in length it is made from HDG:
  • Hayracks/Rotating Feeders: Both items are 1120mm wide and 1050mm high and made from heat dipped galvanised steel.
  • Horse drinkers: Champion stable drinkers are the ideal solution for stables or open barns. It offers just the right amount of water to give them their fill before needing to be refilled.
  • Tie up rings: Champion Stable’s tie rings prevent you and your horse from getting injured. Made from galvanized steel, they are strong and durable, offering great protection for the lifetime of your horse.
  • Horse Feeders: Champion’s horse feeders are mounted to walls and corners in stalls for feeding horses
  • Stainless steel water troughs: This water trough is 5 liters.
  • Poly water troughs: The poly water is 45 liters
  • Poly feed bins: Champion Stable’s range of horse feeders are strong poly drinking/feeding troughs that can be hung from a fence or supported on a galvanised stand
  • Wash bay boom hoses: Wash bay boom hoses make it easier to wash your horse rather than using cumbersome hoses that can get tangled up. The boom suspends above you and the horse and moves as you move, providing safety and ease.

For more Champion Stables products, visit our Champion Stable Systems panels page or view our stable designs gallery.

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