It is important to use a company with a lot of experience in equestrian builds rather than just a “shed company” when you decide to build your dream indoor dressage arena.

Dressage arenas are not sheds by a long stretch of the imagination and have very specific requirements to successfully accommodate the varied needs of equestrians.

Before you start the build you need to make a number of decisions but the first is your size requirement. Your dressage arena layout is determined by available space, budget and planning conditions. The industry standard indoor dressage arena size of 60x20mtr is the same as that used for Olympic and Grand Prix equestrian events and it is the preferred dressage arena size for majority of our customers.

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When it is placed into the right setting, the indoor dressage arena is not only a grand statement to onlookers about your dedication to equestrian pursuits but also an aesthetically complementary and functional addition to your property. A dressage arena enhances your professional reputation, gives you the environment to bring out the best in your skills, provides significant training advantages and is a safe investment for your property values. It is a bold statement about your commitment to excellence in equestrian training and care.

Central Steel Build to any specification but our second most popular equestrian centre size is the 40x20mtr private training facility. It is luxurious and provides the hermetic environment that nurtures the bonding and training of you and your horses. It serves as a very respectably sized dressage training arena, and is large enough for all indoor training needs.

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There are as many dressage arena layouts as there are horses and there is literally no limits to the design variations that can be constructed. The most common add-on’s are stable complexes (often running down the side of the arena, or placed to the front of the building as a foyer). Other popular additions are viewing areas, wash-up areas, tack room, hay storage, office space, bedding storage, feed room or even manure storage. Whatever internal layout you desire, there are fit-out options available! We will put the finish on your internal layout. Ask us as we can recommend tried and trusted expert installers!

Other aspects of a dressage arena to consider early are flooring types for stalls and pathways, arena surfaces and internal fit-outs for stable and kickboards, ventilation, natural light, design flow.


One of Australia’s leading equestrian builders, Central Steel Build, has developed a superb patented EQUINArail system, designed to accommodate all industry standard kickboards. It also maintains the integrity of your arena with hot dipped galvanised edging that lasts a lifetime.

Central Steel Build specialise in indoor dressage arenas and accompanying equestrian buildings. Equinabuild has a proven track record of successful dressage arenas, with hundreds of satisfied customers who provide training facilities for thousands of horses.

Trust us… We’ve done it before!

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