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Bluescope & Colorbond $50,000 in Cash to be Won – Win $5,000 back on a Shed

Running along side the Help a Mate promotion is the opportunity to win back $5,000 on your shed. If you’re thinking of buying a shed then winning this can only be a good thing!

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Help a Mate COLORBOND and BLUESCOPE Steel $150,000 give away

Community grants totalling $150,000 are being given away by COLORBOND® and BLUESCOPE STEEL. In an exciting move Bluescope has launched a special promotion which will see community organisations in a position to receive a grant of $15,000.

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15% OFF retail for Equistall Stable Panels 2012 Autumn Sale

ShedBlogs Autumn Stable Panels Sale.  Real Savings on Panel Kits NOW!! 15% of all Panel Kits*

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Woolsheds by Andrew Chapman The book has been released

The Australian woolshed is quintessential Australian architecture, steeped in our history and folklore. Blown by ferocious seasonal winds, bleached bare by hot summer sun, survivors of flood, pests and fire, these buildings are synonymous with the harshness of the surrounding … Continue reading

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Blokes in Sheds, Brenden Edgertons 30 sheds in 30 days

Shed Some Light on the Subject When it comes to blokes and their sheds only Brendan Edgerton can claim he’s been to 30 sheds in 30 days checking out what kinda neat stuff blokes have stowed away in their sheds.  … Continue reading

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Vermin Seal Vermaseal FREE SHIPPING special offer

Free Shipping! Thats right! For a limited time No shipping charge when you purchase Vermin Proofing. Isolate your sheeting from the lime in concrete Keep your sheeting in pristine condition Stop Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Rats and Mice Protect your shed … Continue reading

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New Shed of the Month on site now

As you can see we have put up on the sites banner head the first “Shed of the Month” for 2011. We chose this one for the light (mood) and the surrounding scenery. Keep sending those enties in and you … Continue reading

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