In a recently published study, 1 out of 2 Aussies wouldn’t mind living in a shed home and is an option many are considering as landmark study reveals 46% of Australian respondents would consider living in a shed home. The data comes from a recent Google survey commissioned by a leading Australian steel building supplier, Sheds n Homes. The results were collected from over 2,000 Australian respondents. The question asked was “Would you consider living in a shed home?” with participants given a multiple choice answer form and optional short answer responses as to why.


It should be noted that not every participant provided a full user description including their income level or urban density, meaning the statistics discussed were not taken from the full sample. A small percentage of respondents did not know what a “shed home” was.


The study found that regardless of income levels – whether high or low, or geographical location – urban or rural, a steel kit home, commonly known as a “shed home” is gaining appeal as a modern form of accommodation.


Shed homes are an ideal concept to keep up with the demands of modern living: The trend towards a minimalist lifestyle, a yearning for a simpler more spacious lifestyle or simply to create a more affordable yet desirable dwelling. Visit Sheds n Homes to learn more about shed homes.