Don’t miss out, Christmas is just around the corner!!


While it may seem like there is an age to go before Christmas is on our doorstep, when it comes to sheds and steel buildings, it couldn’t be further from the truth.

Pre-Christmas Delivery Cut-Off

We have started to received word from manufacturers that the order books for pre-Christmas delivery are filling up fast with the cut-off date for many fabrication plants rapidly approaching. Lead times can vary based on your location and the workload of the manufacturers so no matter who you are buying a shed from its very important that you act as soon as possible if you want it this year.

steel sheds

It doesn’t matter if it’s Wide Span, Fair Dinkum, Ranbuild, Totalspan or Best Sheds the only way to ensure you receive your shed kit on site before the festive season is to get your order in soon.

Be sure to check carefully with the shed people about their lead times, express your delivery expectations and ask clearly about the cut off dates.

While you are thinking about your Pre-Christmas delivery don’t forget that if you are building your shed over the holidays you will want to make sure you have your Vermin Seal ready so check out Vermaseal today.

Nothing confirms your delivery more than acting fast and securing your purchase! The earlier you get your order in, the further up Santa’s list you go!

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