What is ‘importance level’?

Importance Level = the level of consequences in the event of a building failure. The higher the level, the greater consequences there could be to person or public.

The Building Codes of Australia defines four Importance levels:

Level 1     Buildings with a low degree of hazard to life and other property in case of failure
Level 2     Default level – buildings not assigned levels 1, 3 or 4
Level 3     Buildings designed to contain a large number of people
Level 4     Buildings essential to post-disaster recovery or hazardous materials facilities

Domestic car garages, sheds and workshops for the suburban backyards are Level 2.

If the building you’re being offered is Level 1 then it would be a good idea to enquire with the salesperson as to why and ask if you should really have Level 2.
I have heard of cases where local councils and certifiers have knocked back plans to build a Level 1 building in town or the suburbs leaving them with a shed kit they cannot have built.

Level 1 buildings should only ever be used as isolated farm storage building. Not as garages, workshops, weekenders or temporary accomodation.