Can your shed be “Shed of the Month” or even “Shed of the Year”?

It doesn’t have to be the biggest shed or the most fancy. What we are really looking for is photos of sheds which have some atmosphere to the photo,  Scenic locations, things like that.

Starting now you can submit to us photos of your shed (or if you are a shed seller or erector you may submit one you have been involved with) to be displayed in this gallery.

Each month a shed will be selected to be the “feature shed” on the header for Your shed could be the one we feature next Month.

During November 2011 we will select a shed to be declared “Shed of the Year 2011” and be displayed for the month of December 2011 and January 2012

Please make sure if the shed you submit is not owned by you that you seek the permission from the actual owner.

You can upload your shed picture below (one image per shed only please)
To upload a shed pic you will first need to register (see bottom right of page).