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New Ember & Vermin seal – Vermaseal STEEL

Introducing new Vermaseal STEEL. This is a great new solution from Campbells Shed Products for a BAL flashing on the perimeter of sheds and garages in bushfire prone regions. It is installed around the perimeter of the shed, sealing off … Continue reading

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Steel Emberseal and Vermaseal all in one! Banish Vermin & Embers.

Steel Vermaseal is a fabulous new flashing that is installed during construction of your steel building or shed. Can be used with horizontal corrugated or other horiziontal claddings as well as your regular vertical wall claddings. A piece of Steel … Continue reading

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Vermaseal now available in 3 different job lots

Now available in Job Lots The fabulous vermin seal product “Vermaseal” designed for installation when the shed is being constructed is now available here in job lots and by the box. You can protect your sheeting against early onset of … Continue reading

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Vermin Seal Vermaseal FREE SHIPPING special offer

Free Shipping! Thats right! For a limited time No shipping charge when you purchase Vermin Proofing. Isolate your sheeting from the lime in concrete Keep your sheeting in pristine condition Stop Snakes, Lizards, Frogs, Rats and Mice Protect your shed … Continue reading

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Vermin seal your shed, stop mice, rats, snakes with Vermaseal & Retroseal

One of the products we believe should be installed on every new Shed is Vermaseal. Don’t worry if you haven’t as you can still very simply install Retroseal which has been designed to be fitted to already constructed sheds. The … Continue reading

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Vermaseal – Vermin proofing

You can purchase Vermaseal here and have it delivered to you. Scroll down for Pricing and Pack sizes. Vermaseal is designed to be installed during the construction of your Shed. Vermaseal not only seals the bottom of the sheeting profile so … Continue reading

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Setting up Your Office in a Steel Shed

When you think of your typical office, you don’t think of it being set up in a steel shed. However, for those who want to work from home without distractions, backyard shed offices could be an amazing option. Shed offices … Continue reading

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