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New Mount Plate for High Profile Cladding Available Now

An addition to the range of shed products available now is the Colorbond mount plate for high profile cladding. This comes of the back of the Corro mount plate for corrugated and custom orb profiles that has proved popular with … Continue reading

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ShedBlog Produces a New Cladding Identification Guide

It’s rare when you get to build your very own shed. In most instances, you’ll be forced to use the one you were left with unless you rebuild everything from scratch. This is most likely perfect for the majority of … Continue reading

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Corro Mount Plates for Mounting on Corrugated or Custom Orb Cladding

Corro Mount Plates address that all to common problem of no flat surface when mounting your fittings onto a corrugated or Custom Orb wall. Works with all standard Custom Orb and corro profiles (not mini orb) . These plates are … Continue reading

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Trimdek Roof Sheeting and Wall Cladding, Lysaght, Colorbond or Zincalume

Lysaght Trimdek Order Below or Phone 0422 590552 : Trimdek® is a stylish ribbed profile with subtle fluting in the pan to provide strength and long spanning capabilities. The Sheet coverage is 762mm with 29mm high ribs. CB & Zinc. … Continue reading

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Buy Lysaght Trimwall, Trimdek cladding, Shed WALL sheeting

Lysaght Trimwall Order Below or Phone 0422 590552, Trimwall / Trimdek – Trimwall is essentially the same as trimdek only marginally thinner as it is used on the walls of sheds rather than the roof. Same cover at 762mm and … Continue reading

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Buy Lysaght Multiclad wall sheeting Shed cladding

Lysaght Multiclad Order Below or Phone 0422 590552, Multiclad – Multiclad Wall cladding – Is a very neat tidy looking low profile trapezoidal rib sheeting mostly used on the walls of sheds & garages. Available in Colorbond and Zincalume, 840 … Continue reading

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Buy Lysaght PanelRib low profile cladding for walls and ceilings

Lysaght Panelrib Order Below or Phone 0422 590552, Panelrib – Lysaght Panelrib -is a lightly fluted wall cladding or ceiling for exterior or interior use. On straight or curved surfaces. 850mm cover with 4mm shallow profile. Available here in Colorbond … Continue reading

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