St. Vincent Gulf regionFishing Update: St Vincent Gulf

Even in the midst of winter the fishing’s still good all over the place when the weather cooperates.  When the wind dies down and the water’s navigable it’s time to open the Shed or Garage, grab the Rods and tackle and give it a good go.

Gulf St. Vincent, Adelaide, South Australia

The Fishing in St. Vincent Gulf has been quite moderate this winter, it may seem slow to the impatient fisherman but they’re out there for the tenacious anglers.

rapid bay looking back from jetty shedblogIn the metro waters Snapper numbers have dwindled but can be taken inshore south of the Goannas in the late afternoon.  Tenderized squid will get your bag limit of Whiting on Semaphore Reef and the Norma Wreck.  In the north-western corner they’re bringing in the squid on jigs.  In the St. Kilda breakwater the Salmon Trout and bream are really biting but be weary the catch may be affected by the blood worm run.  The boat harbour in New Haven is also a good spot for Salmon Trout this time of year.  O’Sullivan Beach has some Whiting from Hallet Cove to Marino as well as off the boat harbours.  If you’re after Tommies you’re going to have to stick around ‘til after dark to get your catch.

The waters off the south coast are producing mostly Whiting especially in Wirrina and Second Valley Jetty.  There are also squid off of Wirrina when the water’s clear enough to dance a jig, if you’re really looking for squid in the south coast Second Valley Jetty’s your best bet there are also some salmon to be had there so bring along some spoons.  A few Bronze Whalers and Mulloway can be had in Basham’s Beach.  And Salmon Trout can be caught lurking in the waters between King’s Beach and the yacht club in Victor Harbor.

The south-east is a Salmon haven with 3kg fish being pulled out of the water from Canunda to Southend.  Nene Valley, Cape Douglas and Bungalow Bay are rife with Garfish.  In the deeper portions of the Glenelg River there are excellent Bream to be had.  In the break water in Port MacDonnell there are some Mullet and Bream hanging around just waiting to be caught.

stenhouse bay yorke peninsula fishing shedblogOn the Yorke Peninsula, when the weathers fine, get the boat out of the shed as Snapper can be found off of Port Pirie while schools of Salmon Trout can be found swimming around the southern side of Weeroona Bay.  An abundance of squid have been reported in the Port Riley area.  The moorings and jetty about 2.5km out of Point Turton has some Whiting, but in the jetty the squid population dominates.  Marina Anglers are hooking Bream and Salmon Trout.  Berry Bay’s got some little Salmon if you’d like to give that a shot but close by in Corny Point casting from inshore can land you some Whiting.

The Eyre Peninsula has some large Salmon up to 4.5kg and some pretty big Tommies to over by Mount Camel Beach.  In Coffin Bay boat crews were having success with Gar, Salmon Trout and Whiting while fishing the ledge on the town Jetty, trevally could be had.

So, if you can drag yourself away from the Shed, you Adelaidians have a wide choice of where to go to catch a good winter feed of fresh fish.

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