Wide Span Sheds skillion garaport

We would like to announce we’ve partnered up with Wide Span Sheds, which means you’ll be able to purchase any of their fantastic sheds through our website. Please fill out the form straight away if you’d like to receive a quote and we’ll help you out.

A lot of people will be wondering what kind of steel sheds are available, plus the benefits each one provides. It’s why we’re going to take a look at every Wide Span Sheds product page you’ll find on the site. We’ll throw in some little details you’ll need to know about.

  1. Sheds & Garages
  2. Farm Sheds
  3. Commercial Buildings
  4. Barns & Stables
  5. Shed Homes
  6. Workshops & Storage
  7. Carports & Garages

Sheds & Garages

If you want a shed you can choose from a large selection of styles. Aviary, compact, cyclonic, flat, gable, skillion, truss, and Aussie + American barns are on offer. You’ll get to choose between single, double, and triple garages too. Whether you want big or small you’re covered either way.

Farm Sheds

Wide Span Sheds farm sheds

Do you work in the agricultural, farming, or industrial industry? These farm sheds you can buy will look beautiful even if it’s way out in rural Australia. You’ll find dairy sheds, machinery sheds,  hay sheds, shearing sheds, storage sheds, and much more.

Commercial Buildings

The fully customizable steel shed kits will let you operate any kind of business out of them. In fact, some would say they’re better than normal buildings. Take a close look at the extras on offer because a few of them will come in extremely handy going forwards.

Barns & Stables

It’s easier if you break the barns and stables down into a few categories: horse stables, horse paddock shelters, horse riding areas, Aussie barns, and American barns. A massive range of extras will turn anything you choose into something your horses will love.

Shed Homes

Wide Span Sheds country kit home

It’s even possible to live in a gorgeous BlueScope Australian steel home. They look as comfortable as normal homes, plus they’re very strong! The Cottage, Valley View, Estate, Homestead, and Cabin styles need to be seen with your own eyes to be believed.

Workshops & Storage

If you want the perfect workshop for your business sheds you won’t get any better than a BlueScope Australian steel model. You’ll be able to work on anything in there. They are ideal if you want to store your valuables away too because nobody is getting inside.

Carports & Garages

Storing your car away has never been easier thanks to Wide Span Sheds. You’ll still get solid steel garages, but they have another couple of options on offer. You can opt for the flexible garaport, plus there are a few different styles of carport available.

The Best Steel Sheds on the Market

It’s not just the shed designs and what you’ll be able to do with them. BlueScope steel sheds are the best in the business for a couple of reasons, which we’ll look at now. If you want any more details click on the aforementioned pages.

  • BlueScope Australian Steel
  • Site-Specific Engineering
  • SafeShed Accreditation
  • Engineering Excellence
  • Fully Customized Sheds

BlueScope Australian Steel – If you’re looking for the best material on the market to fit your needs you won’t get any better than BlueScope Australian steel. The high tensile steel sits at 450MPa (or greater) and is almost unbreakable.

Site-Specific Engineering – Before any steel structure is built it will be designed to fit the land it will be sitting on. Various things will be taken into account, including the weather. It will be carried out by highly-qualified engineers.

SafeShed Accreditation – SafeShed is the gold standard in Australia when it comes to independent accreditation programs. The industry leader will guarantee you walk away with a steel shed that meets very high Australian standards and codes.

Engineering Excellence – Engineers have spent years perfecting things like the Apex System (brackets and braces offer extreme strength), Haunch Bracket (stops heavy-duty steel buildings from twisting), and Purlins & Girts (adds extra strength to buildings).

Fully Customized Sheds – Every single one of the sheds can be customized to fit your specific needs. There are a handful of extras you’ll be able to choose from too, which include dividing walls, window openings, and Colorbond steel roof sheeting.

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