Do you run a commercial business from your shed? It can be one of the nicest buildings in the world with the ability to stand out, but that only applies if your shed is in good shape. The exact opposite could be true if your shed looks tired and run down.

It could ultimately cost you a lot of business by horrifying current customers and scaring away new ones. Luckily you can revamp your shed without having to spend lots of money on a new one. Here are some of the areas you should focus a lot of your attention on. 

Put In New Windows

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Where do you think someone is going to look when they’re standing inside your shed? When you’re not talking to them their eyes will divert straight to the windows, not the ceiling or a random wall. They’ll want to admire the view outside, and while doing so they’ll notice the state your windows are in. If you have new windows installed it will leave a positive impression on them.

Replace Your Insulation


The look of your shed isn’t the only thing your customers are going to care about. They will also care deeply about their comfort. You should care about their comfort, but you should also care about your own. If your shed doesn’t have good insulation it’s not going to be pleasurable for anyone to stand inside it. Putting in new insulation is easy and the benefits are completely worth it.

Install Some Vents

Now we’ve looked at why insulation would be a good idea, but what would happen if the opposite problem is true? It’s possible your shed is uncomfortable to work in because it’s too hot. It’s also going to be a problem for customers if they have to step inside. Think about adding vents and it will let in fresh air when you need it most. They don’t even need to be fixed into position, which means you could open and close them.

Your Kerb Appeal


Some potential customers will come across your business as they’re passing by. Others will visit you when you’re not there. In both those cases your roller door is going to be closed, so they’ll be able to see what it looks like. If they wouldn’t feel comfortable walking through the door they won’t be comfortable working with the company residing within the shed, but it’s easy to replace a roller door so don’t let it hurt you.

Upgrading the Damaged Tin

Nobody likes to do business with someone who does not take care of himself. If your old tin is damaged and fading, it’s the right time to consider replacing it with new colorbond sheeting.

It’s Worth Doing Something

It’s always worth looking into ways you can improve the look of the building where you conduct business. It comes down to simple maths at the end of the day. If you get more customers once you’ve upgraded your shed everything will pay for itself.