wide span shed with wide span windows

Many of our standard windows will work very well for your Wide Span Shed.

You can save some valuable time and money on your Wide Span Shed building if you choose from our standard windows for your shed.

Of course you can choose to order custom size windows that exactly match the supplied openings but they do cost more and have a much longer lead time.
Here’s a list of the windows* that suit Wide Span Sheds with the materials supplied by Wide Span for your standard window openings of 900 x 1200, 900 x 1500 and 600 x 600.

For your 600 x 600 Wide Span Window opening, our standard size windows that will suit it are…

  • 790mm x 589mm
  • 790mm x 589mm permanent vent
  • 790mm x 816mm

For your 900 x 1200 Wide Span Window opening, our standard size windows that suit it are…

  • 790mm x 1274mm
  • 895mm x 1274mm
  • 1200mm x 970mm

For your 900 x 1500 Wide Span Window opening, our standard-size windows that suit it are

  • 790mm x 1505mm
  • 895mm x 1505mm

Other(s) may work for you as well so if you’re not sure, please send us an email with your questions and we will get back to you asap.

# The dimensions are all listed as Height x Width.

Why do these window sizes work with your Wide Span Shed?

When you order a shed with Wide Span that has allowances for windows, you receive a couple of stiles for use at the sides of your window openings. These Stiles help you strengthen the building by running between wall girts and or eave purlins. You locate them at the outside edge of the opening you are creating for your window. Because they are vertical stiles, you can move them together or apart to increase or reduce your opening size.

The other material you receive is a window head flashing. These are supplied 200 mm longer than the specified opening. If you have a 1200 mm wide opening, the flashing supplied is 1400 mm long, which means allowing for edge overhang, there is plenty of flashing to cope with our 1274 mm wide window.
If you have a 1500 mm wide opening supplied, then you should receive 1700 mm window head flashing which means our 1505 wide windows will work very well. All you need to do is place the stiles an appropriate width apart, e.g. 1280 mm or 1510 mm, respectively.

window frame explainer for wide span shed windows

What about Sliding Glass Doors?

Yes, our sliding glass doors will work with your Wide Span Shed kit.

Same as for Wide Span openings for windows, the openings for Sliding glass doors on Wide Span Sheds can work for our standard GSD/SGD dimensions. Wide Span tends to supply their standard openings for glass sliding doors as 2100 x 1500, 2100 x 1800, 2100 x 2100 and 2100 x 2400, 2700 and 3000mm.

The sliding door header flashing provided for the tops is, again, 200mm longer than the opening width, so there’s some flexibility when creating your opening. The important thing to watch out for is that Wide Span do minimise sheeting waste, so they cut the infill sheets to suit the tops of the openings, which means as a rule, you should choose a sliding glass door that is the same or a little wider than the opening provided.

For example, our 1584 and 1810 mm wide SGD will work nicely with the 1500 mm and 1800 mm standard Wide Span opening. And our 1963 wide door will only just work with the 1800mm opening but can be used with the 2100mm opening; you’ll just need to cut down the header and flashing supplied by WSS.

All our quality Australian-Made Sliding Glass Doors will work with Wide Span Sheds. If you have any questions feel free to call us or reach out via the chat on the website.

sliding galss door detail wide span shed shedblog shed windows and doors

The header and header flashing can be cut down or extended (buy a new header) to suit, and you can decide where you want the stiles to go to suit your glass door.

10 reasons to choose our AMIA Manufactured windows and doors?

  1. 23 colorbond colours available
  2. The standard sizes are great value
  3. They look amazing
  4. Are very easy to fit
  5. A variety of screens and security options are available
  6. Delivered to you 
  7. Very strong with a 6-year guarantee
  8. Suitable for BAL and Cyclone regions.
  9. They work just fine with your Wide Span Shed
  10. Sliding Glass Doors are available too.

Have a look at the wide range of windows to suit your Wide Span shed here.