What is Zincalume Steel?

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ZINCALUME® steel is used in the frame of most good shed sold today.  I think that you should accept nothing less.

It is commonly used as sheeting on farm sheds and the roof’s of commercial buildings and is trendy to use as a cladding on homes.

It is slightly more cost effective than Colorbond cladding. If you looking to save a few dollars on your shed then ZINCALUME® sheeting can do that.

Check first with your council or certifier whether colorbond is required in your zoning or whether you can substitute it with ZINCALUME®.

ZINCALUME® steel was developed after extensive research into improving the traditional performance of galvanised steel.

In the USA, by blending aluminium with zinc in an alloy coating, Bethlehem Steel researchers discovered a way to greatly enhance corrosion resistance.

GALVALUME is the trademark name of Bethlehem Steel Corporation for their aluminum-zinc alloy coated steel sheet.

BlueScope Lysaght researchers enhanced the production process and as a result ZINCALUME® was developed in Australia in 1976. According to Bluescope Steels website, “for two decades BlueScope Steel has monitored the product’s performance across a wide range of Australian climatic conditions using exposure test sites and infield inspections”.

Bluescope Steels extensive ongoing testing programme indicates that ZINCALUME® steel’s lifespan is up to four times that of ordinary galvanised steel.