I believe the first and most important question that you should be asked by a shed retailer or contractor providing your building when you’re asking for a quote is…”What are you going to use your shed for?”

Now this might seem like an obvious question but there are special, very important reasons behind this question.

Use of shed = what will the end use for your steel building be?  This is required so that the ‘importance level’ of your building can be ascertained.
Will it be a car garage, a workshop, commercial building, a farm shed for hay and farming equipment or will it be a shed for the Rural Fire Service or SES.
All these different sheds have a different a ‘importance level’, different levels of engineering, different material strengths required and as such are designed accordingly to suit their use.

So what you are going to use your steel building for will essentially decide what ‘importance level’ is applied to your shed.

More details on ‘Importance Levels’