BOM Bill of Materials sheds garages carports building What is a Bill of Materials or BOM in the Shed Industry

A bill of materials or BOM is a list of the components or parts and the quantities of each needed to construct the end product, in this case, a Shed, Garage or Carport.

When you receive your building kit you should get a copy of your B.O.M and check off what you have received against the BOM list. This is known as “checking for shortages”.  At the same time you can check for any materials that have arrived damaged. This is known as “checking for damage”.

If you check your fine print on the contract you signed when purchasing your shed kit you will most often find that “Checking for and reporting Damage and Shortages” is your responsibility and needs to be carried out as soon as possible so that you improve your odds in making a successful claim on a shortage or damaged goods.

This is why your BOM or Bill of Materials is very important. If you have any concerns, contact your kit supplier as soon as possible as they themselves have a limited time to claim against their suppliers too.

BOM list bill of materials sheds garages carports steel building

The other major use of your BOM list is for construction. Often a BOM list will have identifying marks or codes that can be cross referenced with your working drawings / assembly guide to assist identifying what goes where and how long, how thick and what colour the component is.