Taurean Door Systems roller doors and shuttersWind lock a roller door? How do you do that?
Well currently the only way to get a windlock roller door for cyclonic and high wind regions is to by it new.

Windlocks are factory fittings and there are special tracks or guides that help to make a roller door wind locked.

What is done to roller doors to make them Windlocked?

For this article we will refer to Taurean Door Systems WINDSTRONG™ Roller Doors to help us understand what goes into windlocked doors.

  1. Windlocked Roller Doors have what they call a Windclip fitted to every second flat pan on the roller door curtain and they do this on both the left and right hand sides. These clips consist of steel and nylon components that are riveted to the curtain and are shaped in such a fashion that when inserted into the special track the door is prevented from coming away from the tracks. Have a look at figure 1.

    STEEL WINDCLIP taurean windstrong roller doors Shedblog buy roller doors online

    Figure 1. Shows Windclip attached to door curtain. Click to Enlarge

  2. The special tracks for Windlocked cyclone doors are quite deep so they can accept the wind clips. Remember that you need to have a door curtain that is at least 100mm bigger than the opening it has to cover. With this in mind ensure you will have enough room on the door jamb for the tracks and brackets with the extra width. Note : that in the NT the curtain needs to be at least 120mm bigger when you are fastening to a brick or concrete wall due to their Building Code requirements. Have a look at Fig 2.
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    fig 2 Diagram showing windclip and track and brackets windlocked windstrong taurean door shedblog buy roller doors online

    Figure 2. Shows cross section of clips and track

  3. The next drawing shows the overall combination of the two main methods that make a roller door a WINDSTRONG™ (windlocked ) roller door. The multiple windclips and for every windclip, two brackets holding the tracks to the wall of the shed, garage or house.

    Large technical drawing of windlocked roller door Taurean Door Systems

    Click to enlarge

As you can see the resulting door is extremely tough when closed and the windclips are lining up with the brackets that hold the tracks to the door jambs. The final picture is a close up of track and two brackets. On a relatively small door there are 32 pairs of these.

blow up showing track and bracket

Pair of Brackets holding special track designed to take windclips.

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windlock tracks taurean windstrong roller door tracks

Close up of Taurean Door Systems Windstrong Tracks

Taurean Door Systems windlocked winstrong roller door tracks

From the top down.