Top 5 points to consider when planning to buy a shed!

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The Top 5 points to consider when planning to buy a shed.

Here I have assembled what I think are 5 very important points to consider when planning to get quotes for a shed. Considering these now will help you when you phone or email for a quote.

1. What will you be putting in the shed?

Big things like Excavators, Trucks, Tractors, Caravans, Boats, 4×4 vehicles with roof racks and kayaks on top? or smaller things like the Ride on Mower, Lawn Mower, the Car , Motorbikes, Surfboards, the Kids or Grandma?

Then, when you have worked that out, consider what might you want to put in the shed next month, next year or in 5 years time. Are you planning to buy items that might need to go in the shed that you need to plan for now which leads me to…

2. How high does the shed need to be!

and this is dictated by how big an opening you need in your shed to get that 4×4 or Tractor you have in or for that Truck you are buying next year. Future proofing your shed today will prevents heartache later.

Go as tall as your budget will allow, adding 300mm extra to the height of a shed usually pretty economical and is way cheaper now that making modifications later or having to leave that new Caravan outside in the weather.

3. What span / depth do you require?

Do you want a workbench in front of the Car and space to walk around behind at the same time? Do I want to leave the slasher attached to the tractor and fit them both undercover? What is the length of that new Caravan you’re buying including draw-bar and spare tyre? all these should be considered when planning for a shed.

Over the years I have never had anyone come in and say…”My shed is to big!” but I have had plenty say “love the shed, wish it was bigger though”.

4. How long do I need my shed?

This is usually dictated by the number of bays you need which is dictated by how many roller doors, open bays or work bays across the shed you need? Most Domestic sheds can have bays of between 3 and 4 metres. Don’t forget to include space for that boat you plan to buy next year when you retire.

5. How much space do I have available!

When it’s all said and done the space you have to put the shed can affect the size and configuration of your shed. If you are in doubt as to the best shed design for what you need to suit your space! Ask your local shed guys to come out to site and make suggestions.

One suggestion I have is to do like many people do when planning a new home, get some paper and cut out shapes to scale that represent what you want to put on your shed and use some graph paper to see where you will put everything.

Good planning is the first step to buying a shed that will serve your needs today, and tomorrow!