The Versatility of Colorbond: Why It’s Australia’s Favourite Building Material

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Beautiful Bird on Colorbond Steel Fence

Humans have been building structures since the dawn of time. From the humble mud hut to the natural wonders of the world, we are capable of some marvellous feats of engineering and construction. The reasons for our building range from basic necessity – shelter through to displays of ego by emperors and rulers and more. And there are so many different building materials to choose from in this modern age. Timber, brick, concrete, vinyl, PVC, the list goes on.

But here in Down Under Australia, we probably have a favourite building material, and that is Colorbond. But why is this material so popular? There’s a reason why so many Aussies install Colorbond fencing on their properties. This helpful article will demystify this topic, and you’ll learn all there is to know about this versatile building material. Read on to learn more.

What is Colorbond?

Colorbond is a brand of BlueScope Steel, an Australian manufacturing titan company. It is a composite steel product that can be used in a diverse array of building purposes. It is designed, built and made in Australia, so already you can see why Aussies prefer this material, as we like to shop and support local materials manufacturers and suppliers.

Colorbond uses a patented five-layer design that has a solid steel base. The product is coated in a metallic, corrosion-proof material. The company even offers a 10-year warranty guarantee on the product, which signifies its commitment to quality, longevity and durability.

What is Colorbond Used For?

Colorbond has a wide range of uses, but it is primarily used in residential, commercial and industrial construction. It can be used for fencing, roofing, panelling, flashing and any application where steel can be used.

In residential contexts, Colorbond steel can also be used to construct sturdy but lightweight portable or fixed sheds, as well as shelters, garages, awnings, and a range of other external fixtures for homes.

Colorbond is Perfect for the Harsh Aussie Climate

Colorbond is ideally suited for enduring Australia’s signature harsh climate conditions for a few key reasons. This country has wild temperature extremes, from dry heat waves in summer through to brutal icy storms in the middle of winter. Colorbond has a significantly longer lifespan when compared to timber fencing, which can rapidly wear out, is prone to rot, and can fade in the harsh Australian sun. Winter weather conditions are also tough on timber fences. The same applies to Colorbond roofing, which is far superior to tiled, corrugated iron and other roofing materials.

And then there’s the rust-proof element of Colorbond steel. Unlike other metal materials like untreated steel or chain link fencing, Colorbond is also rust, rot and corrosion-resistant. This is because Colorbond features the aforementioned patented five-layer design with a rugged steel base with its signature coating layer. This makes the product ideal for coastal properties that can be prone to salt corrosion, and Australia is predominantly a coastal populated country, with the majority of our densely populated areas being on coastlines. Yes, you won’t even have to worry about weatherproofing your shed if it’s been made using Colorbond steel!

Long Lasting and Extremely Low Maintenance

Colorbond is a long-lasting building material that won’t require frequent replacement or repair. This makes it an ideal building material favoured by Australian homeowners and those constructing commercial or industrial properties. In addition to this, due to the fact that the colour of the steel is bonded to the material, as the name suggests, you won’t have to maintain it as much. Painting is not required as often as other metal building materials, and Colorbond resists cracking, peeling, chipping and other damage. It is also non-combustible, ideal for bushfire-prone remote properties and is termite resistant too.

Extremely Sturdy Building Material

Colorbond steel is ideal for all types of buildings. Whether they have no pitch, very little pitch, or an extremely steep pitch, it is sturdy and durable and will protect a property. Not only this, Colorbond is actually quite a lightweight building material. Therefore, there is little structural weight strain on a property as a result of its installation. Colorbond also offers improved wind protection.

Thermal Insulation Qualities

In both the extreme Australian summer and winter, Colorbond roofing will work to insulate your home or other property. It is a highly thermally efficient material that offers excellent insulation. As a result of this, it will radiate less heat into your home, as it cools down much quicker at night. If you choose one of Colorbond’s products that incorporates its Thermatech technology, this will optimise the solar reflectance of your roof. With better home insulation, your energy bills will be reduced. This also works in winter to retain the warm air within your home.

Water Wicking Properties

Water quickly and easily runs off Colorbond roofing. The ridges in the steel sheeting are designed to wick away rainwater, meaning there is less chance of leaks inside your home with Colorbond roofing.

A Colorbond Conclusion

As you can see from this informative article, Colorbond is a construction material of choice for Australia. This is due to its sturdy, durable and long-lasting nature, and the properties that this superior type of manufactured steel has. It will help to insulate your property, is ideal for the harsh Aussie climate, and is perfect for coastal properties.

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