Buy Kingspan Air-cell onlineThe Benefits of Retrofitting Air-Cell Insulation into steel sheds and other buildings.

Steel sheds are an excellent solution to providing storage, shelter, shade in a variety of circumstances and situations, such as providing shade for dairy cattle, storage for farm equipment, commercial business and industrial warehousing for instance.

By installing Air-Cell Retro-Shield insulation, the effect of combating heat gain and heat loss through radiation, conduction and convection can be amplified many fold. Air-Cell Retroshield has a unique reflective anti-tear surface, which serves both as effective vapour barrier and high performance insulation. The result is a thermal performance that is far superior to any other insulting material.roof wall retro retrofit retroshield air cell insulation

What is even more important is the fact that Air-Cell Retro Shield is non-irritant, non-allergenic and carries none of the many health and safety risks usually associated with the majority of conventional bulk insulating materials.

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High Tech Air-Cell Insulation Retroshield

As well as being perfect for added heat protection in steel sheds, it is also suitable for insulation of commercial metal deck and flat concrete roofs, as well as warehouse roof retrofits, pre-cast concrete and masonry block wall insulation and insulation of concrete soffit flooring and suspended flooring retrofit insulation.

Air-Cell Retro Shield is 7 mm in thickness and is supplied in rolls of 1350 x 22.25 mm, providing coverage for 30 m2. The total weight of each roll is 11 kg and maximum span of the product without a supportive mesh is 2.4 m.

The R-values given for this material are the Total R-values as required by the Energy provisions of the Australian Building Code. (The R-value is the quantitative measure of the insulating capability of insulating materials used in the construction of buildings). Air-Cell Retroshield is manufactured, tested and packed in accordance with AS/NZS 4859.1:2002 – Amdt 1.

buy retroshield insulation, price shed insulationClick the banner ad above to price Retroshield Insulation. The product’s Total R-value contribution is dependent on the type of installation and the prevailing environmental conditions. In addition, the R-value may be reduced by the build-up of dust on surfaces facing upwards and in ventilated cavities.

Depending on the installation, the R-value for heat flow in during summer can range between RT1.8 and RT3.3, with the heat flow out during winter ranging from RT0.9 to RT2.0.

Air-Cell Retro-Shield should be transported within its protective packaging and kept dry and clean. Standing the rolls on end will reduce the risk of damage in case moisture should be present within the packaging. All surfaces have to be kept free from contaminants such as grease and dust. The product should not be stored with foil surfaces allowed to be in contact with various alkaline materials, such as lime, wet cement, etc.

Correct storage and installation will result in achieving insulation of the highest possible standard, allowing steel sheds to remain pleasantly cool in summer, and warm enough during the winter month to protect whoever or whatever is kept within the steel shed.

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