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Are you looking for a high-quality large steel building? You can find some of the best structural steel industrial sheds and farms sheds at Techspan Building Systems.

Techspan can build a huge range of standard and custom designed sheds including:

  • Farm Sheds
  • Industrial Warehouses
  • Commercial Steel Buildings
  • Horse Arena Covers
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • School COLAs

They specialise in the design and construction of quality structural steel buildings.

Our Farm Shed Range

Are you looking for a new steel farm shed? Techspan understands that building a new rural building is not an easy decision. The planning is not something to be rushed! Tapping into their years of building large farm sheds, Techspan will guide you to find the best solution to your unique needs.

At TechSpan, they are completely flexible with our rural shed designs. They specialise in custom built farm sheds. Techspan can incorporate a vast range of practical features to maximise your buildings usefulness.

 Our Industrial Shed Range

Want to save thousands of dollars on your new industrial shed? The team at Techspan will take the pressure and lead-time out of your new project.

Their expert engineers specialise in the design and manufacturing of large industrial sheds.

TechSpan is completely flexible with their building designs. They specialise in custom built industrial sheds and can incorporate numerous practical features to boost your buildings usefulness

Aircraft Hangars

Looking to build a new steel hangar? Techspan is a leading manufacturer of airplane hangars, aircraft maintenance buildings, air cargo facilities and storage warehouses. Building the right aircraft hangar for your needs is a serious decision. Techspan can help.

Horse Riding & Dressage Arena Covers

Need to cover your horse riding arena? Techspan is experienced in covered arenas and stable design. A quality horse arena and equestrian facilities will add significant value to any property.

Techspan’s indoor riding arenas are renowned for their sturdy construction and great looks. Every quality equine facility needs a covered area and practical stables facilities. Whether you want to cover a round yard or equestrian and dressage arena, TechSpan can help you work through your requirements.

Why Choose Techspan

For more than 20 years Techspan has been developing an ever-strengthening reputation for quality pre-engineered building solutions. They have achieved this by continuous refinements of our design and consistent reinvestment into modern manufacturing technology and infrastructure.

Their pre-engineered designs and broad experience will take the stress out of your project! From conception to completion they offer an all-inclusive package.

What makes them successful is their passion for quality and innovation and belief that it is your right to have your shed your way.For a new large shed contact Techspan today at https://www.techspanbuilding.com.au/