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Water entering the Shed? Retroseal Domestic vermin seal can help!

Apart from helping to seal your shed against vermin, Vermaseal, Retroseal Domestic and Superseal go a long way towards helping your shed be more waterproof. When we have a heavy downpour of rain it often hits the ground with such … Continue reading

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The Aussie barn option!

The ever popular Aussie Barn is gaining favour as the preferred weekender shed. Giving the option to have a centre door with reasonable clearance for a tall vehicle whilst not adopting that American style Barn is proving quite popular these … Continue reading

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“Shed of the Year 2011″ Competition

Hi everybody, enter our “Shed of the Month” competition to be in the running to win the “Shed of the Year 2011″. Each month we will select a shed from the pictures that you have sent in to be Shed … Continue reading

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Can you live in a shed?

Can I live in a shed? Yes you can!…If you do it right! You’re standing on the ridge, looking over the deep green pastures and down to the sparkling river that winds through your dream property. The Real Estate agent … Continue reading

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Barn sheds, American Style!

Well I’m guessing here, but I imagine that American Barns are not named as such because they as big like a giant yank tank. Also, I don’t imagine it’s because they’re big around the middle. I believe it’s due to … Continue reading

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