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Setting up Your Office in a Steel Shed

When you think of your typical office, you don’t think of it being set up in a steel shed. However, for those who want to work from home without distractions, backyard shed offices could be an amazing option. Shed offices … Continue reading

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How Insuliner has the Power to Save Your Building from Raging Fires

You can’t go back in time to safeguard your building from fires, so it’s pointless dwelling on the past. If you want to limit the damage a fire can cause you’ll have to look at all the options available to … Continue reading

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Why You Should Use Insuliner When Lining Your Food Processing Shed

Whether you have a simple shed in your backyard or a commercial scale building, it’s a good idea to line the inside of your shed to keep the heat out or the cool in. Sheds that are used for food … Continue reading

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Should You Choose InsulShed 50 Or InsulBreak 65 For Your Steel Shed?

You already have a beautiful steel shed, but at the moment there is something missing. It’s a common problem and everyone wants to know which type of insulation they should choose. InsulShed 50 and InsulBreak 65 are the most popular … Continue reading

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Insulate your Patio, Verandah or Shed Roof with Kingspan Insulshed 50

Peter from the Tweed Valley recently re-roofed their Patio and installed Insulshed 50. Do you have a patio, veranda, lean-to roof that gets hot in summer? Do you need to insulate your patio roof or awning roof? Are you renovating … Continue reading

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Steel Sheds, Shed roofs and Condensation on the ceiling

Is it raining INSIDE your Shed?  Yes…well it’s that time of year when we discover that it’s possible to take a shower inside our shed when the warmer air of the day meets the rapidly cooling tin roof at night. … Continue reading

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ShedBlogs Shed Products Direct Insulation range now includes Insulbreak 55 & 80

We have extended the range of Insulbreak® from Kingspan’s Air-Cell products to include Insulbreak 55 and Insulbreak 80. They join Insulbreak 65 in the Insulation Shop so you can now order online and have them delivered to your home or … Continue reading

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