Steel on the way up again March 2011

Zinc and Galvanised products are going up! Colorbond rose in price earlier this year.

This would most likely affect the end price of a shed between 5 and 7 % on average.

An all Zinc clad shed with Glavanised Steel frame looks to be the hardest hit pricing wise this time around.

It’s interesting how one particular shed company preys on the wide fear that spans consumers during price rises by spruiking increases in the order or 9-12% on their websites leaving people with the possible impression that sheds are going up 9-12% and suggesting you don’t become a “victim” of the price rise.

Our concern is that a majority of sheds require council approvals. If you go racing out buying a shed to beat the price rise then council knocks you back or requests changes to the building you have ordered then you can be caught between a rock and a hard place owning a shed that may not be able to be erected or may need costly modifications.

By all means, if you can safely beat the price rise by negotiating conditions with your shed supplier then do so, just dont be suckered in by claims of 9-12% and get in now without getting your approvals in place. That is a sure fire way to become a victim.

How to avoid being a victim of tricky advertising.

1. Get your quotes for the shed you want.

2. Make deal in writing with shed seller on what , how and if the price rise affects you.

3. Pay deposit 10% to secure engineering.

4. Get your approvals.

5. Take shed to manufacture.