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This product page is for the STEEL version - This product has been released due to years of feedback, research and experiment regarding packaging, distortion and fixing of the vermin seal products. We can now supply the new Vermaseal Z and the standard Vermaseal.

Vermaseal Z is available in PVC or STEEL, which is excellent for bushfire-impacted BAL zones where ember protection is required. This version of Vermaseal will, like the original, help you keep the vermin at bay, with mice, rats, snakes, frogs, lizards, birds and bats excluded for the bottom perimeter of your shed.

Many installers prefer to glue or pin Vermaseal in place with small nylon anchors to the slab and sit the wall sheeting on the step ledge, then screw the wall sheets to purlins, and the new Vermaseal Z makes this process simple and easy. Block up those annoying gaps around the bottom of your new shed.

When it comes to shipping, the Z profile lends itself to stacking into slimmer, more compact, rigid cardboard cartons that are 2.4 metres long by 150mm x 120 mm, making 50.4 lineal metres per box. Small job lots can be ordered for domestic sheds and discounts apply for larger orders for commercial buildings.

The new design includes a longer finger-lip (37mm) for greater flexibility when fixing the slab and a longer step ledge (37mm) for a greater allowance of variations, such as wall sheeting that is deeper than regular Trimdek, Monoclad Custom Orb & Corro etc. The Vermaseal Z product also helps you adapt with greater flexibility to concrete slab variations. Available in Steel with an anti-corrosion barrier strip. Colours available - Shale Grey or Zincalume.

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Minimum Order Quantities Apply.
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Shipping Notice
Shipping for these products is as follows.
NSW, VIC & QLD $60
SA & TAS $70
WA $100 and NT $125

They travel by TOLL Road and their on-forwarders or occasionally with Australia Post. Some locations may be deemed inaccessible by the freight network and will require collection from a regional depot.


How to install vermin seals?

For how to install ShedBlog-supplied products go here -

Can I exchange my vermin and ember seal order?
Orders placed incorrectly or being returned or exchanged have a 10% restocking charge. The cost of return freight is borne by the purchaser.
If replacements are being shipped a minimum re-delivery charge of $40.00 will apply to the replacement order plus any additional price difference between products will be added or subtracted accordingly.
Change of mind returns for Vermin seals of some varieties will be considered on a case-by-case basis and by prior arrangement. They attract a 20% restocking charge plus the actual cost of original freight will be deducted. The cost of return freight is borne by the purchaser who is returning the products.
Can I order a piece or two of vermin proofing if I'm short?

Unfortunately, our manufacturing arrangements mean we have to order in quantities of 18.28m or more. This is why the quantities are listed as such on the website. Don't short your order please.

Can I pick up my vermin or ember seals order?

Our Vermin & Emberseal manufacturer does not operate pickup or maintain any payment facilities at the factory. Orders online are delivered directly to you in most circumstances.

Can I still install a vermin seal after the shed is built?

We have a wide range of retroseals suitable for installing on sheds that are already built. Vermaseal itself is for installation during the build.

How do you transport my purchase?

Vermin seals are shipped via TOLL and sometimes Australia Post

How long does it take to manufacture my order?

Vermin and ember seal products– usually despatched within 3-5 working days. Orders placed incorrectly or being returned or exchanged have a 10% restocking charge. The cost of return freight is borne by the purchaser. A minimum re-delivery charge of $38.00 will apply to the replacement order plus any additional price difference between products.

How much vermin seal should I order?

It is always best to order slightly more than you need as the Minimum Order Quantity for vermin & ember seals is 18m. This min qty is not set by us, it is set by the factory. So if you don’t order enough then you would be up for another lot of freight and potentially the minimum order of 18m. You can always email or call if you need special assistance calculating how much vermin/ember seal you need.

Is it possible to install vermin seals with my insulated shed?

It's possible, it can be a little more fiddly, While many of the retroseals would suit, the product Combination Seal is the best for already insulated sheds and shed homes.

May I ask for product samples?

Send us your details at and we can arrange a sample. Please also let us know what you need to achieve just in case we can suggest a better product for the job.

My Retroseal Superseal is not Fitting. How to resolve this?

Find our product install guides here. It’s usually due to incorrect installation method or ordering the wrong profile. Please send photo of the situation. Remember! Superseal installs at approximately a 30- 45 deg angle so please fix a receiver strip in place first, and place clip onto strip and check fit that way. Instructions are either attached to the box or inside the box.

What Vermin seal profile code is best for my shed?

This depends on the profile of your shed cladding and the purpose (vermin and or embers) Have a look at our cladding guide which can help you to know what works for your shed.

Where is Vermaseal made?

Australia! Northern Rivers, NSW



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