Shadowline Ridgeseal

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Seal your ridge against Ember attack and Vermin! Shadowline Ridgeseal is a brand new metal flashing / seal product this designed to help you meet your BAL level ( bushfire attack level ) requirements in Australian Standard: 3959 Construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas 2009 (AS3959) and to keep vermin, leaf litter, dirt and rain out of your shed, garage, house or any other Corrugated steel roofed structure. Works with regular 16mm colorbond and zincalume corrugated and custom orb roofs. Can be used with 21mm corrugated roofs like Accent 21 and similar if you let us

See how the flashing seals the ridge yet doesnt require color matching as it sits in under the lip in the shadowline.

New Shadowline Ridgeseal has an innovative inverted profile design which allows the seal to sit in under the leading edge of the ridge capping placing it into shadow. This means the profile is not visible against the colour of the roof sheet allowing you seal effectively and aesthetically. This really helps with matching when your steel roofs Colorbond® colour is faded or discontinued.

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