Retroseal Roof Seal

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Roofseal is an all steel, zincalume coated flashing that fits under the overhanging roof sheet and behind the gutter. It acts as a vermin and bird barrier under the roof sheet where the wall and roof profiles are open. Also controls gutter overflow into the building in storms or where the gutter is blocked.

Most importantly as a shield to help prevent burning embers entering the building through the open profiles when leaves and debris in the gutter catch fire during the fire season. Helps protect shed and gain a BAL level.

All roof pitches can be catered for, simply enter the amount in degrees on the right.

Packs include both strips (wall cap & roof strip).

Suits Corrugated, Custom Orb, Corro, Accent 21, Trimdek, Trimclad, Monoclad on roof or walls or a mix of the types. Indicate the types when you are ordering.

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