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To effectively assemble purlins, girts, rafters and columns for a Steel Shed, garage or industrial commercial building you will require accessories. Order them here and have them delivered with the rest of your order. The most common required are…

  • General Purpose Brackets, GP brackets or GP Cleats.
  • Purlin Nuts & Bolts – CLICK HERE for nuts and bolts
  • Angle Connectors, Angle Brackets or cleats.
  • Raking Girt & Raking Girt Bracket, Angles or Cleats.
  • Bridging.
  • Bracing Strap – Builders strap for cross bracing and fly bracing.
  • Knee, Apex & Footings Brackets here

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The GPB or General Purpose Bracket is ideal for making joints, joining or connecting / connections with Cee or Zed sections / purlins. Often found connecting wall girts to columns, roof battens or roof purlins to rafters and the like. The holes punched in the assorted size GPB brackets are punched to match standard purlin punching in the ends of purlins of a matching size. Available for Purlin sizes 100, 150, 200, 250, 300. Bracket product codes are GPB100, GPB150, GPB200, GPB250, GPB300.

To connect cleats, brackets, angles and other purlins together you will need some purlin bolts or if it’s fascia you need to bolt up then you will need Fascia bolts. Fascia bolts have a shallow head that protrudes less than standard purlin bolt heads. Standard purlin nuts and bolts have integral washers in both the heads and the nuts. The most common used are PB1230 Grade 4.6 M12x30mm + nut, the PB1230HS High Strength Grade 8.8 M12x30mm + nut and the larger PB1645 Grade 4.6 M16x45mm + nut. PACKs of 100

Angle connectors or brackets are detailed to allow the connection of same size sections or one size smaller. Angle connectors can be used as footing mounts for light loads like door jambs or framing for windows. They can also be used as column bases for lightly loaded columns eg, internal applications. For connecting wall girts at corners to which cladding is attached, for trimmers and headers.

Raking Girt and Raking Girt Brackets. The raking girt is used to attach the ends of the C10015 Raking Girts to the Fascia. Bracket is supplied formed at right angles, as shown in above image, and is bent on site by the erector to the correct angle to suit the roof slope.

Bridging in the type of steel sheds and buildings that we are most concerned about is often handled simply by 22mm Topspan battens. Fastened under the roof purlins or on the inside of the wall girts to stop the rotation of Cee roof purlins and wall girts under load. The number of bridging runs required will be generally listed in your steel marking diagram or engineering detail. Lysaght also have available a range of bridging options like Hook-loc and series 300 and 350 Bridging. If you require these email us admin@shedblog.com.au with your requirements specified so that we can arrange a quote.


What is a roof pitch?

It is the angle of the roof and required for apex and knee brackets. Typical pitches include 10, 15, 20 degrees

Do your Portal Frame Connections Kit come with bolts?

They do not come with bolts but you can buy bolts here if you wish https://shedblog.com.au/store/Nuts-and-Bolts-p1317... or by emailing your requirements.


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