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Wall Screws, Roofers or Roof screws and frame or framing screws are an integeral part of any steel shed or garage. Without them, you will not have a shed, at least not one that will do the job. Some small garden sheds go up using just pop rivets however this is not what we are about here. Tek Screws – Wafers – SDS Hex head self drilling screws…the friend to all shed erectors.

What do the various numbers mean when considering a screw. Lets look at the 10-16 x 16 tek screw as an example and find out what they stand for. The first number is the gauge of the screw, the higher the guage the fatter the screw. The second number 10 is the number of threads on the screw per inch. The third number is the length of the screw. In the case of hex washer heads and wafer teks like we use on sheds, they length is measured from under the head. Plain Zinc only.

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