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These specially designed vents are great for underfloor, in-wall, and to fit ventilation of your steel building. Corro VENTS addresses how we vent the structure neatly when we have a corrugated wall? They can be supplied to suit horizontal or vertically clad walls. These vents work with all standard Corro profiles (not mini orb). These vent plates are available in Zincalume, Galvanised (Gal) Colorbond and Stainless Steel(call us). Vents come supplied with pop rivets and spark excluding mesh for BAL purposes. They can be set for 21mm deep corrugations. Tick the 21mm check box if required.

Standard Corrugated Mount Vent available in the following sizes:

  • 150 x 150mm Square
  • 150 x 300mm Rectangle
  • 300 x 300mm Square
  • 325 x 475mm Big Vent

Drilling Vent Holes – When installing we recommend drilling the following number of 25mm vent holes in your cladding, rather than chopping out a section this is much better for the structural integrity of your cladding.

  • 150×150 = 6 x holes in the pan
  • 150×300 = 12 x holes in the pan
  • 300×300 = 22 x holes in the pan

NEW ZEALAND – Corro mount plates and vents will work satisfactorily with a standard corrugated profile in NZ that has a 762 mm cover. Colours differ so, please see standard colours at and choose a close match or select a colour suitable to repaint.
Suits Corro with a depth of up to 18mm. If more than 18mm, please contact us first.
They can be set for 21mm deep corrugations. Tick the 21mm check box if required.
During checkout, on the Shipping & Delivery page, select the location as New Zealand at the top. This will add the required standard air freight and packing to the order. ($88.00)
Big vent 325×475 is subject to quoting. Please contact us at

The airflow for these vents is measured in millimetres square. The chart below indicates the airflow per vent, and to help, we have listed the total airflow per 6, 12, 24 & 36 vents and for the different size vents.

How to Order – Look in the image gallery for the style. The minimum order is 6 vents. From the drop down menus, please select the pack sizes that suit you best? Enter in the text box what colorbond colour, Zincalume or Gal you require? You may mix your colour choices if you wish. Then let us know if you are mounting to horizontal Corro or vertical Corro also If you are ordering 150 x 300 vents, we also need to know the orientation of the vent? Select from the drop-down list the style of the vent.


Do these vents come in Zincalume?

Yes, these vents come in Colorbond, Zincalume and also can be done in a Galvanised finish for use on galvanised cladding.

Can I mix sizes and colours for corro mount vents?
Yes, you can mix the colours of vents if writing that in the order box provided when ordering.
For Mixed Sizes and colours – email your request to with your requirements, your shipping address and colours and sizes and Shedblog will email you an electronic invoice.
What is the minimum order for corro mount vents?
Minimum Order for Corro Mount Vents = 6 pack

Make sure to describe the orientation of the vent and the orientation of your sheeting, especially when ordering rectangular plates or vents.

Our manufacturer has set a minimum order quantity of 6. With 24 different colours and up to 6 various shapes, that’s 144 x 6 = 864 plates that would need to be made just to keep 6 or each colour on the shelf. The economics of the plates, given they are processed by hand at the machines means that 6 is the minimum order quantity available.
A majority of our buyers are electricians and they often have use for more. You can split colours and sizes ordering by email should that assist you to hit a qty of 6. You can also add in corro vents plates to make it up to six.
What are OAL - Wall Louvre Vents?

These are our larger ventilation solution for sheds, warehouses, factories, workshops etc. Colorbond Steel Vents are shipped to site in most circumstances subject to your location, orders to remote sites may be refused and refunded, if in doubt enquire before ordering.


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