retrofit insulation inside steel shed warehouse

Kingspan AIR-CELL Insulation retrofit inside a steel shed warehouse that lowered temps from 42 to 28 degrees in summer and condensation in winter.

Is it raining INSIDE your Shed?  Yes…well it’s that time of year when we discover that it’s possible to take a shower inside our shed when the warmer air of the day meets the rapidly cooling tin roof at night. Condensation inside your shed is not good because it will be falling on the very assets you built the shed to protect.

Condensation is a major reason to install insulation in the roof of your shed either when you build it or now, as a retrofit.

What type of insulation should I use? 

If you are building a new shed or retro-fitting then make sure you go for a quality product that has been around for a long time now and is proven over the test of time. Don’t fall for the trap of fitting seconds or down graded quality materials that other might offer as they DO NOT PERFORM when damaged.
Instead, you should choose Kingspans AirCell Glareshield, Insulshed 50 or Insulbreak 65, they are great choices for your shed, garage or workshop and they meet or exceed building industry standards and importantly unlike some others, are certified to the BCA under the CodeMark program for peace of mind. Read more here on Kingspans website. (opens new page)
We will never sell or offer to sell you seconds, end of run, down grades or damaged goods, they will not perform as well as first grade rated products.

To read more about quality insulation or price up some 1st grade Insulation for your building try these product links below,

Insulshed 50 – designed for class 10a structures.

Retroshield – does not have the antiglare coating.

Glareshield – the original air-cell bubble foil product.

Insulbreak 65 – 3 in one, closed cell foam based foil insulation.

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