flood prone land sheds flood certificates

Recent flood events in Australia are a timely reminder that when considering a steel shed you should ensure that you are purchasing your shed from a dealer who will consider your specific requirements not only for wind speed but also for other factors like the potential for inundation by water and the effects of flooding in your region.

Members of the Australian Steel Institutes Shed Group and the ShedSafe accreditation program are committed to ensuring the shed you buy is suitable. If you simply buy a shed off the internet and try to put that up you may find your council knocking you back especially if you are in an area that is considered within your local council’s 1 in 100 year flood zone.

Building sheds within flood-prone areas usually requires that you provide a “Flood Certificate” from your shed supplier or from a local engineer that states that your shed can withstand inundation by flood waters SPECIFIC to the precise spot you will build your shed.

This is not applied in most cases to your district or suburb but to your building site and things that are considered are historical records of flows, velocity levels of water and what debris may impact your new shed in the case of a Flood event.

Changes that may be required to your shed to allow its construction to go ahead within 1 in 100 year flood levels can range from nothing (for low velocity inundations) on sheds with substantial hold-down systems like Cast in Slab Straps and cast in Shanked Bolts to additional bracing (strap or rod cross) or even heavier structural members for sheds that may experience higher velocities of water flooding them or the prospect of substantial debris impacting the building.

So remember… when looking at buying a shed, make sure you use reputable local experienced and accredited shed companies who will consider all circumstances including the potential of flood when designing a shed to suit your needs.

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