FAR-NORTH Queenslanders in low-lying areas have been warned to leave their homes immediately, as Cyclone Yasi , a Category 5 cyclone of which the likes have not been seen in living memory bears down on the region.

The Steel Shed industry is watching this event with deep concern as the region where Yasi is expected to impact is wide spread and encompasses wind design regions B & C (C being Cyclonic) according to the Bureau of Meteorology the Cyclone will still be Cat 3 when it enters region B (non cyclone areas) and also when it enters region A Wind speed zones.

Yasi is expected to be category 3 cyclone when it gets to Georgetown, 450km inland 7am Thursday.

Cyclone Larry in March 2006 was a far smaller, yet damaging event. The Steel industry after Larry set to work in toughing up standards and engineering for Cyclonic events largely through the Australian Steel Institutes “Shed Group” and its members.

Neil Creek from Australian Steel Institutes Shed Group says that 300km winds is 144% of region C design wind pressure.

Our thoughts go out to all North Queenslanders.

We would like to hear from people in the region and about how Steel Structures stand up to the Cyclone, especially the Sheds built Post Cyclone Larry 2006.