buy vermin proof seal online rural retroseal steel flashingMay / June  2011 – Retroseal products are the products you need to help rat proof your farm sheds, garages and homes especially given this vermin plague we are experiencing this year.

Made from Bluescope steel by Campbell Shed Products to be a multipurpose metal seals they are capable of detering vermin, birds, sparks and embers as well as an additional weather seal.

  • Retroseal Rural seals the profile at the base of your wall sheeting.
  • Retroseal Ridgeseal seals the ridge cap, works best with roll top ridge caps.
  • Retroseal Roofseal seals the two major gaps at the eave line of steel buildings.
  • Retroseal Houseseal for eave sealing timber/brick homes & under verandas.
  • Retroseal Eaveseal for sealing gaps left by longspan sheet like Spandek etc.

You can purchase Retroseal Products here online and have them delivered to you. Protect your valuable assets from Vermin like Rats, Mice and Birds. Seal your building up with Retroseal vermin proofing products, put out some poison baits and rat traps and mouse traps to clean out the current resident population and enjoy the benefits of the Campbell Shed Products you can buy here.