4 Classic’s in a Garage

Often the reason people will build a new shed is because they have more cars than they can fit in the garage.

You might be a collector of classic cars, sports cars or just cars in general. Maybe you inherited a car from an estate or perhaps you have realised that dream of owning a prestige vehicle and you now have two cars, the wife’s car and your kids cars to shelter and so you need a new shed or have already built one.

When doing some research for articles for Steel Sheds in Australia Shedblog I came across the interesting and novel way of making extra cash with your car or cars or a way to hire many different kinds of cars from Audi’s to Porche’s and BMW’s at lower than usual rates.

Its called Drive my Car Rentals and you can make money with your car, your spare car or your grand parents car that maybe they’re not allowed to drive anymore.

DriveMyCar Rentals - Luxury & Discount Car Rentals, Australia

Drive My Car Rentals is not a traditional rental company. They’re an online community connecting car owners looking for extra income and drivers looking for an alternative to higher priced, conventional car rental companies, who offer less variety of car makes and models.

Car Owners can choose the minimum age of driver and the length of time their car is available from four days up to a full year.  Rental prices are set automatically with a rate calculator. Owner’s have the right to Accept or Decline any booking requests.

Car Drivers have access to more makes and models than any car rental company in the world from economy to luxury, from sports cars to classic cars, even caravans…with savings of up to 60% on traditional rental costs!

Drive My Car Rentals Website

I can say that this really got me thinking, mostly about driving that Maserati or Lamborghini that’s also available for rent.

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