Haneco SKYCUBEThe Haneco SKYCUBE 120/180 watt durable LED Lowbay light fixture is quite similar in design with fluorescent lighting fixtures, with the stark difference being that the SKYCUBE LED Lowbay is more durable, longer lasting, easier to maintain and far cheaper to operate than traditional fluorescent lighting. Whereas fluorescent tubes last about 36,000 hours, the SKYCUBE lasts 50,000+ hours under normal conditions.paypal horizontal_solution_PP_sml

The SKYCUBE LED Lowbay has an IP67 rating, as it has excellent protection against moisture and dust. As it comes with HACPP-approved food grade fittings, the SKYCUBE is the perfect choice for use in storerooms, warehouses and any other food industry-related buildings that have a ceiling of 5m or below. Last, but not least, the SKYCUBE is covered by a 5-year warranty.

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  • SKYCUBE LED lights are HACCP approved for use in the food industry
  • They are easy to mount to existing surfaces
  • Running and maintenance costs are much lower than other lighting options on the market
  • SKYCUBE 120W-IP65 -IP54 is rated for dust and moisture protection

Haneco SKYCUBE specifications

With branches in Melbourne and Adelaide, Haneco is Australia’s lead LED manufacturer, offering a vast array of lighting products that are suitable for various environments. For example, Haneco products are an ideal solution whenever you are looking to equip industrial and commercial buildings or buildings that are representative of the architectural, hospitality, entertainment or retail industries.

Haneco SKYCUBE 180

If you are an everyday Australian user, know that the LEDs provided by Haneco can brighten up your workshop, garage, steel shed or even your man cave, if you have one. They are the cost-effective, durable solution you need for your shed to become your second home.

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