6 kinds of sheds

The Tidy Mechanic

This is the type of shed that has everything you need when it comes to repairs, building and creating in your shed. From the smallest tool to the biggest machine, you can definitely find it there. You can always find him in this shed repairing or customizing his collectable car. He will also be the neighbour to help you when you need something to be fixed with.

the tidy mechanic

The Messy Machinist

When a machinist owns a shed, it’s not a surprise that you will see a dark and messy workshop. He constantly uses machine tools such as lathes, grinders and milling machines to produce metal products in his shed. Continuous sparks from welding and machining are clearly visible and a sure sign that he is busy.

the messy machinist

Full-on Farm Shed

A farm shed can be used in many situations. It could be used as a storage for farm equipment, hay storage or even just a stable for your horses. And this type of shed is the one you need for your farming and agricultural activities as you can even shelter your livestock.

full on farm shed

The Man Cave

We all want to have a space of our own, even when we already have families to live with. A man cave gives you a space of your own for you to chill, maybe have a beer, a cigar, a gaming space or even a good place just to avoid your chores. And it is commonly used as a bar area with a TV and a comfy lounge chair for friends to come over.

Why not take it a step further and turn your man cave shed into the ultimate brewing haven? Set up your very own home brewery, where you can craft your unique beer recipes and share your brews with friends.

the man cave


If a man wants to have his own space, of course, girls also need that too. Women also need space to relax, maybe read a book, have her coffee and even just to do their hobbies such as painting and crocheting. Aside from that, it could also be used as a place for their carpentry and metalwork. Yes, in case you missed the memo… women do that too. 

She Sheds – A Room of Your Own
Authored by: Erika Kotite


Yup, it’s a shed shed.

Lastly, you have the shed. This shed is your main goal from the beginning when you chose to live off the grid and live a shed life. This is the shed that made you dream of the other sheds to have. And basically, the first shed that you actually built. This is where it all started, cultivating and realizing dreams. That even though you have built the other types of sheds, you always come home to this shed.

shed shed