The LYSAGHT SHEERLINE® fascia gutter system from BlueScope Lysaght features concealed fixing and is designed for greater durability, longer life and compatibility with steel and tile roofs. With the choice of optional slotting to allow overflow where alternative overflow devices are not installed, as well as all the components needed for a perfect finish, LYSAGHT SHEERLINE® is an extremely flexible gutter system.

Great for Sheds, Garages, Patios, Carports, Decks, Verandas. DIY , renovations and repairs.

Manufactured from light, strong, hi-tensile ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® steel for up to four times the life of a galvanised gutter in similar conditions.

  • Fast and easy to install
  • Comes in long lengths that match BlueScope Lysaght’s roofing and walling profiles perfectly
  • Its strength helps reduce possible damage during transit and installation.

**Note: Melbourne & Sydney Lysaght are not allowing public pick up at the moment**. Lysaght transports their own products and there is a set minimum freight charge from $200.00. You can choose to collect your order from a Lysaght branch instead, at no charge. During check-out change the option to Pickup from Lysaght and there will be no freight charged. If you are remote and not on a Lysaght transport route your delivery may not be able to be made. Call first before ordering.


    • This product is not available in Queensland and the slotted product is not available in Western Australia.
    • It is important gutters slope towards the outlets (a minimum gutter fall of 1 in 500 is recommended). Without this slope, ‘ponding’ may occur, reducing the life of your gutter
    • When installing gutters, remove any metal particles or debris at the end of the day to prevent staining or corrosion
    • Do not install galvanised gutters with a ZINCALUME® steel or COLORBOND® prepainted steel roof. Galvanised gutters are only suitable with galvanised steel roof
    • The protective plastic film should be stripped off immediately on installation

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