wall & roof cladding guide

It’s rare when you get to build your very own shed. In most instances, you’ll be forced to use the one you were left with unless you rebuild everything from scratch. This is most likely perfect for the majority of the population who don’t have an interest in their shed.

If you’re different it means you’ll want to fix it up, which can actually be a lot tougher than it sounds. This is because all sheds vary and it’s hard to spot the exact make/type of cladding used. Luckily you now have a guide to help you out.

Finding out what You’re Dealing with

Even if you know lots about cladding it’s still tough to narrow it down, but if you look at the new Wall & Roof Sheeting Identification Guide everything changes. Customers have been known to successfully use the guide within minutes.

Print out a copy of the page and take it with you to the shed for closer examination. Keep a copy inside your shed. If you’re reading this on your smartphone, you’ve probably already found the answer you were looking for.

Other Ways to Use the Sheeting Guide

What would you do if there was a large vermin problem in your area? It might not be causing your shed any problems at the moment, but you would need a Vermaseal alternative if you wanted it to stay that way?

Let’s say you wanted to retrofit Superseal or Retroseal Domestic to your shed, garage or carport. Have a look at the pages and guess which size you’d have to order. One quick look at the Wall & Roof Sheeting Identification Guide will allow you to compare the profiles.

It’s Hard to See Where You Could Go Wrong

If you look closely you’ll notice there are photos and measurements from all the big manufacturers. Lysaght,rements from all the big manufacturers. Lysaght, Stramit, Fielders, Titan Sheds, Stratco, Totalspan, and Metroll all have cladding you can look through.

Each brand has a multitude of products available too, so it’s the best guide you’ll find online when measuring up the roof and wall on a new shed. Each of the products also comes with a coloured photo.

If You Need to Get a Lot More Technical

You might not see what you need in a photo, which is why we’ve added all the extra information we can about each product. Thickness, where it’s found, what it’s coated with, and various other things will give you all the additional details you need.

Visit the Guide Again at any Time

The guide will always be there when you need to carry out work on the shed. Maybe you’ll use it now and forget what you actually used, so it’s a great form of reference. If you know anyone else who might benefit from the guide please share it with them too.

Note for manufacturers: If any of the manufacturers mentioned in the list would be kind enough to send better quality photos it would be appreciated by all your customers. If you have any available please call us at your earliest convenience.