Cars are coming to life, well at least 1 has in the Adelaide hills, South Australia.
Lightning McQueen would be happy with the slick manoeuvre carried out by this automobile.

It was the pride and joy of a man from Stirling who had only owned it for two days when he parked it at some shops before going for a walk on December 18.
When he returned it was missing, so he promptly went to police and reported it stolen.
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It was still missing by January 4, when a Stirling family, who lived opposite the shops returned home from holidays. They immediately noticed that their garage had been broken into, with the roller door down but damaged and pushed off its tracks.

missing car shed adelaide hills stolen hiding

Shed that car hid itself in after rolling down hill

What they didn’t expect was that on closer inspection, was to find the “supposedly stolen” car neatly parked inside. It appears that the car was parked directly opposite the garage and on a slight hill. As the owner walked off, it had rolled through the carpark across the road and down the driveway before forcing itself under the roller door and parking perfectly inside the garage. There it remained undetected for 17 days.
Article Source  : AAP 7 News Adelaide.

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