Is your shed or garage a target for thieves?

Often our sheds contain expensive equipment, including our pride and joy, and are positioned away from our house, making it easier for thief’s to break into without getting caught. Sheds that are close or adjoin the house are also vulnerable at night and when you’re not home, sometimes even allowing access to your house. It is common for thieves to break in through your roller door, load up your contents and drive off unnoticed.

People install alarms thinking that their shed is secure, however it should be your last line of security. Thieves often find a way around alarms and if not, it just warns them that they have limited time & will go for the most valuable and convenient of your possessions and will be long gone by the time anyone arrives.

Easy access for a thief is through roller doors. They can be jimmied up using a bar or rammed in. If an intruder has gained entry by another means, they can easily then open your roller door from the inside allowing them to quickly take your contents.

To prevent this from happening, consider installing a Roller Door Xtra-LokXtra-Lok’s are constructed from steel treated with zinc for corrosion resistance. The hinge pin is 304 grade stainless steel for strength and durability. They come with four hardened tamper-proof concrete fasteners and four cup head bolts.

Xtra-Lok’s are suitable for roller doors, tilt doors, panel lift and sliding shed doors for both domestic and industrial sheds, and garages.

If you want to secure your more portable possessions that are easy for thieves to steal, such as motorcycles, quad bikes, bicycles, trailers, camp trailers, welders, generators, compressors and lawn mowers, the best choice for securing these valuable items are tamper-resistant security Floor Anchors.

These effective and affordable security solutions will save you time, money and often heartache, from having to replace stolen goods. Claiming on insurance often means your premiums will go up and you have to spend time getting quotes to have items replaced and this all means a loss of income.

The collective value of the contents in your shed can really add up. Get into the habit of locking your shed every time you leave it, just like you do your house. Have peace of mind that your shed, home and valuable portable belongings are safe.