end wall garaport shed roof extensionShould I buy a second hand shed?

Buying a second hand shed often opens a substantial can of worms. It is often more difficult than you might think to ensure a trouble free purchase and build of a second hand garage.

The can of worms will likely contain the following.

  • If you need your shire councils permission to erect the shed then you will probably need the sheds engineering. Is this available?
  • Your certifier will probably require the sheds engineering to have your site/address on it. This can be very problematic.
  • The sheds design might not suit your specific site. eg a suburban backyard shed is under engineered for a rural open and exposed hilltop. A back yard shed from Brisbane will not be suitable for a back yard near the coast, north of Bundaberg.

What to watch out for…

  • The biggest thing to watch out for is ensuring that you’ll be able to have permission to build that shed before buying it.
  • Your second hand shed might be missing components or have corrosion issues. Ask the seller if the have a bill of materials list you can check the shed off against.
  • Roof sheets really need to go back up the way they came down so that the screw holes are sealed.
  • if the shed is already disassembled check for corrosion between the sheets.
  • check what the appropriate hold down method is for the second hand shed. It should go back up the same way, or by an equivelent method…for engineering reasons.

If you are truly confident you can get permission from council to erect a shed. That the shed meets engineering/design requirments for your location and that it is complete and in good condition then you might be on a winner and save some money but make sure you do your due diligence before parting with any cash.