Roller Doors for Sheds, Roll-A-Door ®, Firmadoor ®, and Rollmasta ® by B&D

two rollmasta B&D roller doors in a Ranbuild Deluxe shed

A pair of B&D Rollmasta Roller Doors installed in a Ranbuild Deluxe shed.

While choosing a garage door for your shed may seem like an easy choice, the opposite is actually true given the wide range of choices available when it comes to the design, color, and material. Selecting your shed or garage door can be considered a major decision and should not be taken too lightly as choosing the wrong type of door can put good money to waste. There are different types of garage doors available specifically canopy doors, sectional doors, roller doors, side hinge doors, and retractable doors and if you are looking for something functional yet easy on the pocket as well, your best bet would be a roller door for garage doors.

Another Ranbuild Shed with a pair of Rollmasta Roller Doors

Another Ranbuild Shed with a pair of Rollmasta Roller Doors

Rolling Garage Doors: Cost-Effective and Practical

Rolling garage doors are made from corrugated steel material. Such doors move vertically when opened and is ideal for sheds and garages where there is ample headroom over the opening. Roller doors give off a traditional look and are usually used for residential as well commercial and industrial shed purposes. The steel material used in making rolling doors provides resistance in case of heavy impact.

Choosing a Roller Door Manufacturer

When it comes to choosing a particular manufacturer, you want to make sure that you go only with the best. You want a company known for quality doors that are well-crafted and will last you a long time. Aesthetic value of the garage door is also important so go with a manufacturer that produces doors with high visual appeal and are durable at the same time. One popular roller door manufacturer is B&D. B&D carries three types of rolling garage doors, namely the Roll-A-Door®, Firmadoor®, and Rollmasta®.

Roll-A-Door®, Firmadoor®, and Rollmasta®: Which One Is Best For You?

Roll-A-Door® garage doors from B&D have steel door stops as well as locking bar end covers to prevent causing injury to fingers. With Nylofelt® running strips, rubber coated guide, and guide block and roller, the garage door operates smoothly and quietly. When it comes to durability, Roll-A-Door® garage doors have a spring life of 20,000 cycles and a weatherseal door bottom to keep leaves and rain out. Roll-A-Door® garage doors have a 7-year warranty on the door curtain and 1 year warranty for the door surface and other parts.

If you are looking for great value for your money, Firmadoor ® Roll-Up Doors make excellent garage doors on a budget. Firmadoor® garage doors come with a pick-resistant lock for safety plus nylon running strips to ensure smooth operation. Its springs are designed to operate like new for a total of 15,000 cycles and the door has an aluminum bottom rail to provide strength to the door curtain. Firmadoor® garage doors have a 3 year warranty for the door curtain and 1 year warranty for the surface and other parts.

A Rollmasta® rolling door is perhaps the most affordable and pocket-friendly among the three types of rolling garage doors for sheds from B&D. With double bar locking action for safety and Nylon-braided running strips for smooth operation, Rollmasta® rolling doors also contains springs that can last for 10,000 cycles. A one year warranty is guaranteed for Rollmasta® doors.

Quality, durability, and safety are on top of the list to consider when choosing a garage door. No matter how tempted you may be to buy a cheap garage door, cost is only secondary to these three components.

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