B&D’s Roll-A-Door Neo is a roller door with a twist! Offering the functionality of a roller door with the stylish look of a sectional door, you can use the extra ceiling space at the top of your garage, without having to sacrifice on style. Engineered to protect what matters most to you, Roll-A-Door Neo is strong and secure, designed to keep your home safe and looking good.

Tough, Reliable

B&D Roll-A-Door Neo doors are rated for 30,000 up-and-down cycles, Tested & proven – All B&D Roll-A-Doors are rated for 20,000–30,000 up-and-down cycles, which means if you open and close your garage door five times per day, it would last over 15 years! This is in part because B&D use a steel drum for the curtain to roll up against making our doors stronger and longer lasting, unlike most manufacturers who use plastic drums.

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Smooth Operator

The Roll-A-Door Neo is fitted with Nylofelt strips (invented by B&D), guaranteeing quiet, trouble-free operation for years to come. Dual rollers at the bottom corner of the door help to eliminate sliding friction and noise while customised springs provide optimum balance, a longer product life and premium performance.

Clean & Contemporary

Roll-A-Door Neo comes in a range of COLORBOND colours, as well as B&D’s exclusive Timber Coat finish, a vinyl wrap designed to mimic the natural feel of real timber. Roll-A-Door Neo also keeps the inside of your garage looking clean and tidy with deep-cushioning, fire-retardant floor seals helping to keep out leaves, dust and water.

Install a B&D Neo garage door and opener together and they’ll back it with a 10-year total confidence warranty

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