Ridge Capping for Sheds & Houses – Lysaght Colorbond or Zincalume

buy roll top ridge capping on a corro or custom orb roof in zincalumeember seal ridgeseal barn seal bal seal buy online paypal insulation ridge cappingA ridge capping provides an effective watertight barrier, as well as an aesthetic finish to the cut ends of the sheet at the ridge on your steel shed and to hip lines on homes with hip roofs. Ridge cappings can be categorised into two styles; roll top ridge (also referred to as roll type ridge) and contemporary ridge capping or 3 fold or 3 bend capping or flashing.

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You can  purchase Lysaght ridge capping for your shed or house project in either Colorbond or Zincalume. The standard cappings are available below. If you require something other than a standard ridge cap then please contact us for a quote.

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Delivery of Gutters, Barges, Ridgecap, Flashings: If you have any concerns regarding delivery to your site or any questions about this product then please call our customer service on 1800 652 001. These products can be collected from your nearest Lysaght Depot free which will result in saving the delivery charge (see ordering instructions for how to remove delivery cost). Base delivery cost for a delivery by Lysaght to site is $190.00 which is very good if you are ordering a quantity of goods. Delivery of Steel by Bluescope Lysaght is usually conducted by a rigid table-top truck or a Semi trailer. Where the products are dropped on delivery will depend on access to site. Safe access to site is always governed by the drivers. It is recommended that you have an alternate delivery site prepared if access to your site in unavailable due to wet weather, has poor roads, is steep, is rough or other reason. Pricing applies to regions as expressed across the site. Outside these areas, please request a quote. No order is deemed to have been accepted until such time as we can confirm pricing, delivery address details or pick up and product availability.

Ordering is EASY!

Choose your colour? How long do you need each item and how many of each length? Enter total metres, simple!!

  1. Select from the drop down list the Colobond colour you require or, choose Zinc if you are going to select zincalume.
  2. In the text box, enter the ridge cap lengths and how many of each ridge capping length you need….For example… 4 x 3.6m or 4/3600
  3. Qty/Length : Calculate the total linear metres you are purchasing and round down to nearest whole metre. For example – The above ridge capping totals 14.40 linear metres so round it down to 14 and enter total where it says Qty:____ and then
  4. Press add to cart.
  5. Delivery can be added to your order if you require it, simply select it and add it to your shopping cart once per completed transaction. Otherwise you will need to collect your order once it has been manufactured.
  6. Need help call : 0422 590 552.  To Order by phone call : 1800 652 001. or go to our Request Quote page and list your requirements.
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